W.I.L.D. announcements leave Cadenza ‘Brokenhearted,’ but ‘Everything’s Good’

Greg Herman | Contributing Reporter

We’ve been waiting all semester for Social Programming Board to call us, baby, so let’s get up, let’s get on it and let’s find out what Cadenza thinks about the W.I.L.D. headliners, Karmin and Chance the Rapper.

Karmin is the definition of a guilty pleasure because at long last, pleas for a female pop artist have been answered. But the mantra of “be careful what you wish for” has come back to haunt us as neither Robyn, nor Ellie Goulding, nor Cher Lloyd nor Lorde will be performing at W.I.L.D. this year. This was not the pop female we were looking for. Sure, Karmin has very catchy music, and the hook to “Brokenhearted” will be fun to shout-sing along with Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, but after that, what? They released an album, but their other songs were underwhelming, provoking fears that they might be a one-hit wonder. Their song “Acapella” barely charted inside the Billboard Hot 100. Are they going to cover all those rap songs that made them famous on YouTube? Do they realize how awkward it will be given Heidemann’s valley girl shtick (I won’t dignify it by calling it a flow) when she performs compared to Chance the Rapper, who is actually a skilled rapper? Karmin would have been an inspired pick a year ago, but the duo has largely been forgotten as more skilled and famous pop artists returned.

With jazz-inspired beats and sounds that can only be described as guttural squawks, 20-year-old Chance the Rapper has quickly become one of the most exciting acts in hip-hop today. The Chicago-bred rapper has already proven himself on his second mixtape, “Acid Rap,” which was released earlier this year. His sing-songy flow has been compared to Kendrick Lamar’s, and it’s a comparison that’s not to be taken lightly. He has already established himself with features from old standbys like Twista and respected underground rappers like Action Bronson. For the uninitiated, check out the track “So Good (Good A– Intro),” which features the catchiest beat on the album and Chance’s funniest wordplay. I’m really hoping he will play his newly released remix of English electronic producer James Blake’s “Life Round Here.” Chance the Rapper will definitely be a great fit for W.I.L.D. and will provide much better party music than last spring’s headliner, Atmosphere.

Let’s just be clear: this is one of the better W.I.L.D. announcements in recent memory and definitely an improvement on the approach last year. Chance the Rapper is a legitimate rising talent while Karmin has a song that people have actually heard. Along with Nick Offerman and the recently announced Ra Ra Riot, SPB has a balanced, diverse and interesting fall slate ahead of it.

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