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Return of the ‘Splinter Cell’

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| Cadenza Reporter

Back to Neverland: AST’S ‘Peter Pan’

I’ve always been one for going back to my childhood and enjoying the small things in life. I ended up loving “Alice in Wonderland” for the nonsense, but I never knew “Peter Pan” had so much of the same jolliness in it. This weekend’s play is put on by All Student Theater, a group that collaborates on one entirely student-produced play or musical each spring at Beaumont Pavilion in Brookings Quad. That’s right.

| Cadenza Reporter

‘Alice in Wonderland’

Underland, oh Underland. Yes you read that right. Apparently young Alice had some hearing issues. What, oh what happened to you? Having watched enough book adaptations and read both of Carroll’s books, I went into the movie not expecting a word-for-word interpretation of either book. The movie takes an 18 year-old Alice and follows her return to Wonderland.

| Cadenza Video Game Editor

The Village Music Series: Dana Leong

Besides peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Philly cheesesteaks, the Village has one more secret. Village Residential College Director Dan Sepion started the Village music series. This monthly event brings up-and-coming musicians from around the United States to perform at the Village. This month’s guest is Dana Leong, a Juilliard-trained musician who plays the cello and trombone.

| Cadenza Video Game Editor

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