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MSA holds “Say Their Names” event on Mudd Field

Washington University’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) organized a “Say Their Names” demonstration on Mudd Field, Dec. 8. As part of the demonstration, MSA unrolled a paper banner with the names of over one thousand Palestinian children who have been killed in the latest Israel-Hamas war. 

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Admissions reacts to Supreme Court affirmative action decision, updates application

Student Life sat down with Grace Chapin James, Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions, to unpack how the Supreme Court’s decision to overrule affirmative action will impact future classes at Washington University. 

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When I Die

So, for this podcast, Editor-in-Chief Via Poolos and Senior Multimedia Editor Jared Adelman sat down with two people who are intimately familiar with the process of dying. In Act One, Dan Loesche explains Washington University’s Gift of Body donation program and what it is like to be a mortician. In Act Two, we talk with Barbara Finch, who is signed up to donate her body to Dan’s program when she dies. 

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Resist WashU protests Boeing recruitment event held on campus

A Boeing recruitment event about sustainability was interrupted by members of Resist WashU, a group that has helped publicize pro-Palestine events on campus this month.

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Residential Life closes South 40 basketball and volleyball courts to public 

Washington University’s Residential Life posted signs on the South 40 basketball and volleyball courts officially closing them to everyone except University students, staff, and faculty. 

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Students and community members rally in support of Palestine, protest Israel’s actions in Gaza

“In my entire life, I’ve never felt more silenced about my identity and being Palestinian [than] in my four years at WashU. And so it’s nice to finally organize something — to have our voices heard on campus,” organizer Ayah Hamdan said. 

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Professor of Genomics claims he was fired over anti-Palestine post

A Washington University Professor of Genomics, Dr. Seth Crosby, claims to have lost his job over a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, calling the latest Israel-Hamas war a “much needed cleansing.” 

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University restricts travel to Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank 

In an emailed memo sent to employees of the University on Oct. 13, Washington University’s International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC) announced that Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank would be placed on the University’s Travel Suspensions Conditions list. The update means that University-sponsored travel to the aforementioned locations is prohibited until further notice, effective on Oct. 9.

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University announces new ‘no loan’ policy to be implemented next fall 

Washington University announced on Friday that they will adopt a “no loan” policy for all undergraduates starting fall of 2024.

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Habif Mental Health to become Center for Counseling and Psychological Services

This year, Washington University’s student medical center Habif Health and Wellness has split its mental and physical health services into administratively distinct centers.

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