In interview, Smith looks back

Prison life will soon be here for Jeff Smith.
“Surely it won’t be a picnic,” Smith said. “But I’m a strong person, and I’ve overcome things before…so I’ll get through it, with the help of friends and family and a great support system.”

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Jeff Smith gets 1 year in prison, $50,000 fine

Former state Sen. Jeff Smith was sentenced on Tuesday in St. Louis federal court to one year in prison on federal charges. Steve Brown and Nick Adams were also sentenced.

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Jeff Smith, 2 others to be sentenced on federal charges

Mr. Smith’s long journey is about to end.
A former Democratic state senator from St. Louis and a Washington University political science instructor, Jeff Smith will be sentenced in federal court in St. Louis on Tuesday, after he pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges and resigned from the Missouri Senate on Aug. 25.

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Ohlsen tied to Smith, Clayton bombing

New information about the 2008 bombing at the parking garage at 190 Carondelet Blvd. in Clayton has brought new attention to Milton “Skip” Ohlsen III, a former Democratic campaign strategist also tied to former state Sen. Jeff Smith, D-St. Louis, and former state Rep. Steve Brown, D-Clayton, who resigned from the Missouri General Assembly on Tuesday.

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State Sen. Jeff Smith resigns, pleads guilty to federal charges

Jeff Smith, a Missouri state senator who frequently taught at Washington University, resigned his Senate seat and pled guilty in federal court on Tuesday to two counts of conspiracy to obstruct justice, after weeks of speculation about a federal investigation into Smith and others who worked on his 2004 congressional campaign.

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