WU to host second presidential debate in 2016

Washington University will host a presidential debate on Oct. 9, 2016, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced Wednesday.

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GOP panel discusses marriage equality

Three Republican panelists discussed topics such as banning anti-LGBT rhetoric from the 2016 election as well as the increasing trend in millennials within the Republican Party to support same-sex marriage.

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Political groups talk economy, education before the midterms

College Democrats and Republicans butted heads over economic policy but joined together to endorse candidates for Student Union Treasury at a Campus Crossfire debate event the night before midterm elections.

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Government bill ends shutdown, but concerns remain among researchers

As the federal government looks to rebound from a 16-day shutdown, Washington University officials remain anxious over how the crisis may continue to affect research funding. While the U.S.

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Students protest Bank of America for funding coal mining

Coughing dramatically and falling to the ground in front of a business school information session, around 35 Washington University students joined a national protest against Bank of America last week.

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Gay marriage conversation stays limited to the web

In a matter of hours Tuesday, Facebook went red with signs of equality. The campus response to the gay marriage debate happening before the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.

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Voter drive pushes renewed interest

While Washington University will not be playing the same role in the national political stage that it has for several election cycles, campus organizations are continuing to try and engage students for Nov. 6.

Jack Terschluse | Contributing Reporter

Campus right and left join hands

This election season, student groups representing opposing political parties—the College Democrats and College Republicans—are joint-programming a host of election-related and recreational events.

Wash. U. community joins the Occupy movement

The Occupy Wall Street movement has come to St. Louis and members of the Washington University community are getting involved. The movement originated in New York City last month as a protest of corporate greed and the nation’s current economic policies. St. Louis residents have claimed Kiener Plaza, in downtown St.

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Right-wing students clash over vast Republican preliminary field

As the Republican primaries and the 2012 presidential election approach, students are beginning to choose their favorite candidates. While many Democrats on campus are committed to voting for the Democratic incumbent, President Barack Obama, both Democrats and Republicans are starting to speculate as to whom Obama will run against next fall.

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