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Waiting to ripen: Ripe’s musical journey to maturity

You wouldn’t expect your average band to wait almost seven years before releasing their debut album, but Ripe is no average band. I caught Robbie Wulfsohn, Ripe’s frontman, on a 20-hour drive from Coos Bay, Ore. to Boulder, Colo., and while dealing with spotty cell service and a lit gas light in the middle of nowhere, Wulfsohn never let worry get the better of him.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

R.I.P. LouFest 2018: So, that’s why I didn’t get a press pass

A tweet by St. Louis comedian Angela Smith sums up the situation perfectly, drawing a parallel to Joe Edwards’ Loop Trolley disaster: “#LouFest is the Loop Trolley of music festivals.”

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It’s the end of the album as we know it, and I feel fine

As streaming increasingly eclipses music purchasing, many artists are beginning to move away from releasing their music in album format, opting instead to release singles upon singles. All this change in the music industry begs the question: Are albums dying out?

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Fresh album picks: What I listened to this summer

As the weather starts to cool down and the humidity (hopefully) starts to drop, I find myself reflecting over the music I listened to this summer. Spending the summer on my own, I found myself with lots of time to listen to music and was able to make my way through a lot, both old and new.

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Wild Child brings folk on strings to Blueberry Hill

When Kelsey Wilson of Wild Child walked onstage, barefoot and holding her violin, I thought to myself, “this makes sense.”

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‘How to: Friend, Love, Freefall’ and the constant of change in Rainbow Kitten Surprise

“Hold my hand darling/Pull me in your waters/When you call my name, I’ll be on my way,” the opening lines of “Pacific Love” off of Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s new album “How to: Friend, Love Freefall” ring out. And ring out the whole album does.

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‘Isle of Dogs’ brilliantly brings stop-motion to the silver screen

As with all of Anderson’s films, “Isle of Dogs” is a visual masterpiece: Somehow Trash Island looked stunning.

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Life’s too short to listen to all of Young the Giant

Our two Cadenza editors listen to the entire Young the Giant discography in anticipation of this year’s spring WILD.

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Mothers brings waves of music to Graham Chapel stage

While usually reserved for speakers and comics, indie rock band Mothers came to Graham Chapel this past Tuesday to kick off KWUR Week 2018.

#QUEENS Ilana Glazer and Beth Stelling perform in Graham Chapel

This past Saturday, Washington University’s Social Programming Board held its Spring Comedy Show in Graham Chapel featuring Ilana Glazer and Beth Stelling.

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