Zack Snyder

Skip free or die trying: My run-ins with the world of two-legged transportation

There was a time when I moved my body with joy. It feels like yesterday. A decade and a half goes by so fast you’ve hardly got time to toss out the teddy bears before the beer bottles pile up.

| Senior Sports Editor

The Snyder Cut won’t fix anything

To the believers in Snyder and this film, I ask: is just seeing these characters on screen enough? Is a black Superman suit, a Joker cameo and the mere appearance of Darkseid really what you want?

| Staff Writer

‘Sucker Punch’

There are a lot of theatrical elements that contribute to making a good movie. Crisp pacing, believable acting and character development, for example, are pivotal. Unfortunately, for “Sucker Punch,” when you match up this movie’s traits with the ones listed above, nothing fits. What could have saved “Sucker Punch”? A little thought would have gone a long way.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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