Top 5 music-based YouTube memes

It’s that time in the semester where procrastination seems to take over and work gets put to the wayside. We in Cadenza like to turn to YouTube to keep ourselves occupied, and here are five of our favorites. 5. Literal music videos Do you feel like music videos should have something to do with the actual song?

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Putting yourself out there

Ever feel like you’re being watched? Recently, I watched a video on YouTube that I made 6 years ago with my friends from middle school. More interestingly, there were comments and responses from random people about our video (which I did not know was posted online). And last week, my mom told me about a Diwali show in University of Michigan for which some kids watched my previous Diwali performance on YouTube and performed it exactly the way I did. I felt both proud and creeped out, realizing that other people can have access to parts of my life that I sometimes don’t realize are public.

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Video of the Week: Grape Lady

My soul rejoiced at watching the Grape Lady fall. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to plop yourself down in a chair and affix your eyes to the nearest computer. The Grape Lady has gathered millions upon millions of views since its original arrival onto the YouTube scene. With good reason, too.

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YouTube Video of the Week: ‘ATL Hoodrat aka SOULJA GIRL goes crazy on the Marta!’

There comes a time in every person’s life when we all just want to punch an old lady on a train.
OK, so maybe not all of us. But for those of us who do, there’s YouTube. The first in the Friday series of YouTube hilarity is “ATL Hoodrat aka SOULJA GIRL goes crazy on the Marta!”

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Grading Wash. U.

We’ve all been there—the wide-eyed prospective freshman stage, where all the colleges in the world are open to you and they all seem better than high school. After the initial elation wears off, most people sober up with the notion that they can only attend one school out of the dozens they’ve considered.

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