Juggling books and social media: WU students find fame online

“I honestly started making videos because I was bored during quarantine last May… I wanted to see how far I could take it,” said Sophia Xu, a first-year Ervin Scholar and part time-YouTuber who has accumulated 4.01K subscribers in less than a year. Xu is one of several Wash. U. students who have found fame online.

| Staff Writer

Cast n’ Crew finds way to show off student talent through virtual showcase

Their Fall 2020 Showcase was a success, showcasing student talent and fortitude when performances are few and far between.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Beyond the call of duty: WU professor Michael McLaughlin reveals the value of education

As I am “waiting for the host to start this meeting,” I am preparing for an interview.

Aruni Soni | Staff Writer

‘More than just the workout’: BearFit classes switch to online format

Although gyms may be closed, that doesn’t mean students can’t do their favorite workouts right in the comfort of their homes.

Elia/Longyu Zhang | Staff Writer

YouTuber Molly Burke combats blindness with her online presence

Molly Burke is a fashion blogger, amassing over 1 million subscribers to her YouTube channel with makeup tutorial videos and lifestyle and fashion vlogs. She has built a career in visual media, despite the fact she’s blind.

Leah Hardgrove | Staff Writer

The most popular girls on YouTube

High school may be an overused setting for television, but I promise you a visit to Overland Park High School will be a unique and memorable experience.

| Staff Writer

Tyler Oakley: A major YouTuber takes College Hall

As Oakley sauntered into College Hall, opening the event with his signature line, “Hi, everyone! My name is Tyler Oakley,” I felt transported back to middle school.

Leah Hardgrove | Contributing Writer

The Wash. U. vlogger: Keeping the college process real

Meet Nathan Card: Wash. U. freshman and Youtube personality with over 300,000 views.

| Staff Writer

15 Minutes with Wong Fu Productions

Wong Fu Productions came to campus Saturday night for an event hosted by Asian American Association. Student Life Managing Editor Alan Liu had a chance to chat with Philip Wang, Ted Fu and Wesley Chan for 15 minutes before the event. Student Life: Wong Fu started out doing these college lip-syncing videos and now you’ve really grown and expanded.

| Managing Editor

Soccer team goes viral: Players entertain with music videos

While Washington University fans might be accustomed to seeing the men’s soccer team in red and white game-day garb, a new team project has players dressed in cowboy hats, swim trunks and fanny packs. Players have filmed comic videos of themselves singing and dancing on four road trips this season and intend to continue this experiment in music video production.

| Managing Editor

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