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‘You don’t talk about it’: Being conservative at Washington University

Many conservative students at Washington University often feel like they need to hide their political views or risk social isolation on a predominantly liberal campus.

| Editor-in-Chief

Panelists speak on the legalization of medical marijuana in Missouri

Washington University’s Young Americans for Liberty hosted the panel “Higher Quality Care: A Medical Marijuana Panel” to discuss the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Missouri Tuesday.

Kathleen White | News Editor

New group offers students alternative to two-party approach

As the general election approaches, students who may not entirely align with the College Democrats or College Republicans have a new club to turn to: the Young Americans for Liberty.

| Editor-in-Chief

Prop A foe who inspires Tea Party carries a recent feud with WU

In the fight over the future of public transit in St. Louis, one local man has been an inspiration to local Tea Party activists and a thorn in the side of transit advocates and Washington University students and staff.

| Enterprise Editor

2 who organized Gulag arrested in phone scheme

Wiretapping is in the news again, but this time, it’s the government whose phones are being tapped.

| News Editor

In defense of Young Americans for Liberty

On Friday, Dec. 4, Sneha Thakur’s column, “Young Americans for Liberty: Too inflammatory to be persuasive,” grossly mischaracterized our organization in a way that demonstrated both her lack of research and her underlying bias. I hope that through this article I will be able to set the record straight about the purpose and accomplishments of the Young Americans for Liberty and to refute Thakur’s misleading, factually troubled piece.

| Staff Columnist

Liberalism should not be confused with communism

Communist forces are infiltrating the U.S. government. The American government will soon be engaging in totalitarianism abuses on par with those perpetrated by the Soviet Union. As ludicrous as the preceding statements may seem in a contemporary context, they should not be confused with the rantings of a Cold War-era witch hunter.

Natalie Villalon | Op-Ed Submission

University shuts down student mock prison camp

Members of the Washington University chapter of Young Americans for Liberty erected a mock Soviet prison camp, or gulag, in front of the Women’s Building Monday morning, but were later told by a representative from Event Services to disassemble the display.

| News Editors

The truth about political groups

Last week, Student Life printed an article, “Political activism on campus: The Gore-y truth,” criticizing political groups.

Dick Doeber | Op-Ed Submission

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