Rethinking refugees with Comparative Literature professor Tabea Linhard

Professor Tabea Linhard received her first degree in English, then specialized in Spanish and Mexican Literature. She came to Wash. U. in 2003 to teach Romance Languages and Literatures and now leads courses in other related departments in the humanities.

| Staff Writer

Dealing with debt—federal government edition

If you’ve been following this election cycle (or American politics ever), chances are that you’ve heard someone mention the national debt. It may have been in the context of a balanced budget amendment—the idea wherein Congress would not be allowed to pass a budget which contributed to the national debt—or it could have been used as an arbitrary measure of how well a president grew the economy.

Wash. U. College Democrats

Guns and government

As of late, there have been several debates on campus concerning the topic of gun control. When approached with this topic, many stuffy professors like to drone on ad nauseam about court precedent. Others like to spew out endless series of statistics on crime rates and gun possession.

| Staff Columnist

Grandfather remembers war, internment and Wash.U.

With the Executive Order 9066, President Franklin Roosevelt authorized the forced removal of Japanese Americans across the United States. While some had only weeks to prepare for the event and others had months, most spent years in relocation camps located in places like rural Utah, Arizona and Wyoming. But about 30 Japanese American students instead […]

| Special Features Editor

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