SU resolves involvement, responsibility in endowment

Since the board of trustees was revealed to have CEOs from major energy companies, students have had an increased interest in the board and its operations. The establishment of Washington University Students for Endowment Transparency (WUSET), meant that change is in the air regarding the way the endowment is managed and the input students have about it.

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WUSET is in need of revision

On Oct. 28, Student Life published an article discussing the recently formed student group called Washington University Students for Endowment Transparency (WUSET), a “New student group pushing transparency in endowment.” WUSET, acting in support of a group known as the Responsible Endowments Coalition, has begun to gain recognition on campus, claiming it promotes “responsible” investments.

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New student group pushing transparency in endowment

Despite the improving national economy, Chancellor Mark Wrighton reported earlier this September that as of June 30, 2009, the market value of Washington University’s endowment, about $4.2 billion, is down by 30 percent from its peak value two years ago, and the University anticipates an annual deficit of $30 million through fiscal 2011 and beyond.

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