‘Admissions doesn’t make mistakes’: Coping with imposter syndrome in the transition to Washington University

Students and psychology professors provide insight into dealing with one of college’s many challenges.

| Staff Reporter

The COVID-19 WUSA: My experience virtually welcoming students to campus

I applied for the WUSA position this past spring because I wanted to support incoming students during their transition into college; now I am navigating what that looks like in practice.

Samra Haseeb | Staff Writer

Wash. U. is more than a set of statistics

I am starting to feel less like an ant and more like individual: someone who potentially matters here.

Peter Dissinger | Contributing Writer

Delving into the WUSA League

Delving into the WUSA League Scene Staff As freshman anxiously await the outcome of their Washington University Student Associate applications, they look to join an exclusive club that comes with an extensive commitment. An online application for interested students was due Feb. 21, and individual interviews for applicants will begin on March 3.

Scene Staff

For first time, celebrating the end of the beginning: Freshman Finale

Freshmen can take a study break at 6 p.m. on Wednesday in Graham Chapel for what may become a new Washington University tradition: Freshman Finale. Following the spirit of Freshman Orientation and Convocation, Freshman Finale will provide closure for students’ first year at the University and prepare them for the upcoming sophomore experience.

| Staff Reporter

WUSA program rising in popularity

As the Office of Orientation prepares for its annual Washington University Student Associate selection process, the relatively young program seems to have been successful in helping freshmen and transfer students with their transition into college life. The WUSA selection process is becoming increasingly competitive, and the Office of Orientation expects to see a rise from last year’s approximately 300 applications.

| Contributing Reporter

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