Editor’s Note season 2 episode 3: WashU is 5.7 billion dollars richer

The unprecedented increase in the University’s endowment has led to questions about where the money should be spent.

| Senior Multimedia Editor

Unpacking WU’s unprecedented $5.7 billion endowment pool growth

Washington University’s endowment pool grew a record 65%, adding $5.7 billion

| Staff Reporter

Investment advisory committee is a good first step

Last week, Student Union announced that it would be creating a student-faculty advisory committee that would give recommendations to the Washington University Investment Management Co. (WUIMC) about how to invest the endowment. This move was well-received by students.

| Forum Editor

Investment chief responds to concerns, but SU senators remain unconvinced

Kimberly Walker, Washington University’s chief investment officer, sought on Wednesday night to allay students’ concerns over how the school invests the endowment, but Student Union senators left the meeting with much of the same skepticism.

| News Editor

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