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Band of Brothers: Exploring the relationship between WU black men and historically black fraternities

Today, we’ll dive deeper into what prevents brothers from engaging with black Greek organizations and the cultural differences between black and white fraternities in St. Louis.

| Director of Diversity Initiatives

Quiz: How could Danforth Campus be more accessible?

Even the slightest changes, from a propped door, to larger ones, such as missing elevators, could make campus much easier to travel for all students.

Ali Gold | Director of Online Content

A letter from the editors

We are so thankful to our staff for their efforts and investment in this issue, and to you, our readership, for continuing to hold us accountable day in and day out.


Breaking down barriers: The state of accessibility on the Danforth Campus

Many people with physical disabilities, especially those using wheelchairs or other mobility devices, cannot enter campus buildings without accessible entrances, the majority of which are residence halls.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

More than one community: LGBTQIA* students find space(s) on campus

The ways that students explore their identities has led to the growth of a number of student groups, ranging from umbrella groups for all students across the LGBTQIA* spectrum to groups that provide space for specific identities within the community.

| Associate Editor

The travel team: International athletes find homes on the field at Wash. U.

International athletes make up less than three-fifths of 1 percent of Wash. U.’s 506 varsity athletes, a far cry from the 21.61 percent of international students that enumerate the University’s total enrollment.

| Senior Sports Editor

The case for space: Students, staff talk minority housing on campus

Hamsini Living Learning Community opened in House 5 this semester, becoming the first identity group to have its own dedicated house at Washington University.

Noah Slaughter | Contributing Reporter

Opinion: Fear of a black quarterback

Football, by the nature of its reluctance to change, has become a snapshot of a larger cultural problem related to the stereotypes of black people.

Dorian DeBose | Senior Sports Editor

St. Louis in focus: ‘Little Bosnia’

Bosnian restaurants, coffee shops and even travel and insurance agencies line the streets of Bevo Mill, with signs and flyers written in both English and Bosnian, earning the area the nickname of “Little Bosnia.”

| Staff Reporter

Nothing in life is free: The daily considerations of a Sam Fox student

Many current Sam Fox students are struggling to keep themselves financially afloat as one project for a single class can cost hundreds of dollars to create.

Rory Mather | Contributing Reporter

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