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New Writing 1 alternative available to freshmen

Incoming freshmen now have the option to take “What is Justice?” as an alternative to Writing 1 this academic year.

A requirement for most first year students, Writing 1 aims to develop the writing skills of all freshmen to adequately prepare them for college level papers. The “What is Justice?” course has the same goal of improving writing, but intends to offer a more consistent theme in its subject matter.

| Contributing Reporter

There’s more to Writing 1 than meets the eye

As an instructor of Writing 1, among other courses, I firmly believe in the benefit of my profession to the students whom it is my job and my privilege to teach. As another academic year wraps up, I’d like to address some common misconceptions about CWP 1 in recent Student Life editorials, which represent opinions that I hear more generally.

Michael O'Bryan | Writing 1 Professor

Point: Without consistency, Writing 1 is irrelevant

One such view is that Writing 1 is not an enjoyable class but still necessary in the college education framework. Another such view—my view—is that the entire course is irrelevant and should be done away with entirely.

| Senior Forum Editor

Counterpoint: Writing 1 is flawed, but necessary

However, in practice, College Writing 1 has become a pariah of subjective grading scales and teachers with terrible reputations. As someone who has now taken the class, I would argue against the stigma and say that the class actually benefits the majority of students by giving all students valuable writing experience.

| Staff Columnist

Op-ed submission: Bringing awareness to adjunct faculty cause

As you may be aware, the adjunct faculty at Washington University are preparing for a union election in order to collectively bargain for better working conditions. Some of you may not be aware of what an “adjunct instructor” is exactly. You may be taking classes with one, but do not realize it.

Chris Boehm | Instructor in the College Writing Program

Shaping your school

Why do you go to college? Why did you choose to come here? Did you hear about the general chemistry lectures and just have to be a part of them? Did you want to dance in Diwali? Did you want to hear the famous speakers or see the beautiful campus?

| Staff Columnist

ArtSci votes on proposed changes to curriculum

The ArtSci Council assembled on Wednesday evening two weeks ago to vote on the proposed changes to the curriculum in the College of Arts & Sciences, forwarded by the College’s New Curriculum Review Committee.

| Senior News Editor

Students find writing program to be an enriching experience

Students currently enrolled in Washington University’s writing program offered words of praise for the faculty, the course material and the philosophy behind the program. Undergraduates in writing workshops present their writing and receive feedback and criticism from their peers and instructors. These courses, also offered through the University College for credit, cover material from drama […]

| Staff Reporter

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