Washington U. sustainability woes

On Jan. 14, Chancellor Wrighton unveiled a draft of Washington University’s “Strategic Plan for Environmentally Sustainable Operations” by e-mailing each and every one of us. Rarely do we receive such e-mails. The plan is comprehensive, but may be a bit incomprehensible.

| Staff Columnist

An open letter to Chancellor Wrighton on coal

In light of our University’s increasing involvement with coal, I write to invite the Chancellor to travel with me to Coal River, W.Va., during fall break to attend the Mountain Justice Fall Summit. There we can learn from coal town residents and coal miners’ mothers about how to address the high human cost of coal.

Harry Alper | Op-Ed Submission

A recap of the the summer’s news

The 2008-09 academic year at Washington University was one of many administrative, environmental, political and campus life-related changes. Issues and events that arose in the past two semesters will continue to play a role and affect students throughout this year. Several of these changes have been summarized below.

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University dedicates $12 million to campus clean coal initiative

Chancellor Mark Wrighton announced Tuesday that Washington University will be establishing a Consortium for Clean Coal Utilization, bringing University researchers together with industry leaders and government officials to make St. Louis a hub for clean coal research. The $12 million initiative is part of the University’s $60 million effort to “advance education and research related […]

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