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New dining options on 40 draw mixed reviews

The new South 40 dining facilities located in the South 40 House opened a few weeks ago to mixed student reactions as residents adjusted to major changes in an area that had become a staple of campus and residential life at Washington University.

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South 40 construction going ‘as planned,’ school officials say

With move-in day quickly approaching, Washington University administrators say construction of the long-awaited Umrath Hall and Wohl Center on the South 40 is going as planned.

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New dining options await students

As members of the Class of 2013 prepare to make Washington University their new home, Dining Services is scurrying to finish the new dining facilities on the South 40.

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South 40 dining enters transition as school builds new Wohl Center

The current Wohl Center is scheduled to be demolished this summer. Of the current dining facilities on the South 40, the only that will remain open next year is Ursa’s Café

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Expanded food, meeting spaces considered for 40

At the Student Union Senate meeting last Wednesday, the architects of the construction project on the South 40 explained details about what the finished project will look like and what students should expect.

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For students, long lines worth the wait

Washington University students waited for up to three hours Tuesday to cast their ballots—many for the first time— and in contrast to past years, encountered few problems along the way. While students voting in the Wohl Center stood in line for one hour to vote, voters at local churches and other locations often faced waits […]

South 40 construction progresses

Weather permitting, students living on the South 40 will soon see progress on the construction of the new Wohl Center and new Umrath House, according to Assistant Vice Chancellor for Students Justin Carroll.

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Changing economy brings new prices for Bear’s Den

The dining hall’s popularity may soon see a decline because, as of this past summer, Bear’s Den has implemented price increases on its food in an attempt to account for a recent surge in national food costs.

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