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Doing the math on last semester

So instead of GPA, let’s look at some other numbers that more accurately summarize the wellbeing of students during last semester.

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Rom-coms to warm your heart this winter break

Do you just want to spend four weeks cuddling up with a fuzzy blanket and some romantic comedies that will make you feel all the feels? You’re not alone, and winter break is the perfect time for that.

Jaden Satenstein | Staff Writer

Things to consume over winter break

This year’s winter break will be approximately a month long. If you’re fearful of what on Earth you could possible do with that time, especially after a semester jam-packed with work, you’re not alone—but fret not! The world is filled with television, movies, books, food and games to consume.

Wash. U. gave us more winter break, now help us use it

With the new school year comes a number of changes, one of which might be particularly exciting to students: Washington University’s winter break has been extended to one month and three days, eight days longer than last year’s three-week-and-five-day winter break. A longer winter break opens up a number of previously unrealistic opportunities for students, but the University has yet to add resources to coincide with our lengthened free time.

Spring semester to start after MLK weekend

Washington University’s spring semester will begin the day after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, giving students an additional week of rest following the fall semester.

Prajwal Keranahalli | Contributing Reporter

How to relax: A type-A guide to the break

erhaps the most common affliction of the Washington University student is sleep deprivation. There can be complications of this condition such as impaired decision-making, poor memory, weeping and anhedonia. But a pre-med assured me she knows how to treat this illness: the only cure is Winter Break.

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What to watch this holiday break—and with whom

ooking for something to do this holiday season? When you’re bored in your respective hometowns, heading down to the movies is almost always the popular option, partly because you can feel social while sitting in silence in the dark. And with Oscar season rushing upon us, winter break is usually filled with a wide array of movies for every type of audience member.

Cadenza’s Catch-up Guide

Whether you’re a slave to studio, indentured to essays or bonded to biology, chances are you’ve missed out on some pop culture this semester. Don’t worry though, Cadenza has you covered. Use winter break (or reading week, it’s really up to you) to catch up on what you’ve missed. https://twitter.

Bears over the break: what you’ll miss

While campus will look fairly empty until winter break ends, some of Washington University’s athletic teams will be hard at work multiple times between Christmas and the start of the spring semester. Here’s a quick look at Wash. U.’s winter teams and what they’ll be doing over the next few weeks.

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Students irritated by late finals, holiday travel plans affected

Not everyone will be home in time for Christmas this year, thanks to the late finals schedule this year. And students are not happy. The last finals this year are on December 22, alarmingly close to the holiday for students who celebrate it.

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