Decisions for spring WILD are still being made

After the cancellation of the Fall 2022 semester’s WILD, administrators discussed how their planning process has changed and why they are hopeful that spring WILD will be a success.

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A breakdown of fall WILD’s cancellation

The University’s semiannual concert, Walk In Lay Down (WILD), was canceled this semester following concerns over student safety at the event and the administration’s inability to find a solution for a late-in-the-game attendee capacity restriction from the University’s Emergency Management (EM) department.

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SPB’s WILD email is a lesson in transparency

There is no silver bullet to delivering bad news, which is exactly why the administration needs to change its messaging strategy.

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Fall WILD is cancelled

Fall WILD, a Student Programming Board (SPB)-run biannual concert, is cancelled due to student safety concerns.

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Opinion Submission: Why my experience at WILD can never happen again

Instead of spending my night watching Zedd perform, I found myself suffocated by the crowd and interrogated by the Washington University Police Department and off-campus paramedics.

| Class of 2024

Some frustrated with SU funding ahead of elections

Students expressed frustrations with Student Union’s allocation of funding ahead of fall elections this week, though Wednesday’s resolution of a miscommunication alleviated some concerns regarding Treasury’s Nov. 9 decision to reallocate fall WILD funding for the spring.

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Fall WILD canceled as SPB looks to host in-person spring concert

SPB will attempt to use the money that would have been used for the fall concert to fund the spring event instead.

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SU candidates discuss platforms, answer questions from WU community at forum

The forum, which took place one week before SU elections on March 30, covered topics ranging from accountability and transparency to the role of WUPD and Greek Life on campus.

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Television just can’t replace live entertainment, and the pandemic proved it

Watching TV isn’t a true substitute for live entertainment, and I’ve found myself missing that more and more.

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Not so WILD: End of semester concert cancelled

One of the many things cancelled due to the closure of campus is WILD.

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