white supremacy

WashU, you failed your students and the greater St. Louis community in “The Story That Never Ends” vandalization incident

The University has allowed white supremacy to spread on campus. In light of this, the mural defacement is not surprising.

| Staff Writer

Underpass Black history mural vandalized with white supremacist propaganda

The spray-paint consisted of a white base layer underneath red and blue messages in support of a white nationalist hate group. 

| Editor-in-Chief

CDI hosts event to discuss white supremacy on college campuses

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion hosted a meeting, timed with racial conflicts occurring in St. Louis and across the country, to discuss white supremacy on campus open to Washington University students, faculty and staff Oct. 5.

Aiden Blinn | Contributing Reporter

Posters in promotion of white supremacist group found in Village

Posters promoting “Identity Evropa”—a white supremacist group that attempts to spread its message primarily on college campuses—were found in and around the Village last Monday.

Kathleen White | Contributing Reporter

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