WU website updated for simplicity, user-friendliness

In an effort to freshen and modernize the user interface, Washington University launched its newly redesigned website on Monday. Vice chancellor for public affairs Jill Friedman told Student Life that the new website is meant to achieve an intuitive, user-friendly experience that repositions the focus toward the people.

| Contributing Reporter

SU’s website hacked by pro-Palestinian group

Student Union’s website was hacked Saturday afternoon by AnonGhost, a hacker organization that identifies as pro-Palestinian. The hackers replaced the SU home page with a logo and a block of text that includes the phrases “Death To All Jews” and “Viva Hamas” at the top.

| Editor-in-Chief

Updated course website offers revamped appearance, new functions

A revamped course listings website featuring a new layout and improved functionality went live last week to mixed reactions. Due to a push for the course guide to be greener, Washington University felt that, after printing fewer and fewer copies of the physical book each year, it could finally be phased out but not without a major overhaul of the website.

| Contributing Reporter

Letter to the editor: Comments more concerning than content

My name is Schuyler Atkins, and I am a freshman here at Washington University. I am writing you concerning your recent article about the suspension of Sigma Alpha Epsilon activities involving racially charged action. My concern is not about the content of your article, but rather the comments that have been made on the article.

Schuyler Atkins | Class of 2016

Syllabi Central needs community involvement

The new Syllabi Central website, created by senior Jake Novick and junior Joseph Marcus allows students to upload syllabi from their former classes. The site has been up and running for two weeks. While the recent launch of the Student Union-sponsored website is a great idea that can benefit students and faculty, it will fail without participation from the entire Wash. U. community.

Image over ideas

I created Wash. U. Photo Captions. I woke up every morning and made a fake caption for the picture on the WUSTL homepage. Some were funny, some weren’t. Some were insightful, some were just silly. Either way, Wash. U. felt it was necessary to file a copyright infringement claim and shut the site down (for now).

Alex Christensen | Op-Ed Submission

New website seeks to create online marketplace for WU students

Six Wash.U. students are building a Craiglist-like site exclusively for the Wash. U. community, making it easier for students to connect with one another. The non-profit site, which will be called BazaarBoy, will allow students to trade goods, services, and information all in one place. The site’s developers plan to launch by the end of the semester.

| Staff Reporter

Wash. U. graduate student starts Virtual Nerd tutoring service online

As a solution to the high number of high school students who struggle with math and science, Wash. U. graduate student Leo Shmuylovich and Princeton University graduate Josh Salcman created a Web site called Virtual Nerd ( that provides interactive online video tutorials instructing students in math and science.

| Staff Reporter

Student-friendly Web site simplifies study skills

While Cornerstone is a useful and responsible system similar to programs offered at many universities today, what happens when this service is offered to all, publicly?

| Regular Features Editor

Snapherd: Take your best shot

We all know them: those people whose camera phones are an extension of their bodies, on hand at any point in time to aim and snap a photo of anything and everything that comes along.

| Scene Reporter

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