What you need to know for this week’s winter storm

This article explores the setup and “ingredients” of the storm, what we know and what is still uncertain.

| Staff Writer

I didn’t fall in love with fall

As a girl from Florida, a place where autumn does not exist, my expectations for St. Louis’ fall were high. Little did I know that autumn also does not exist in St. Louis. We skip straight over it into winter.

Adrianna Linn | Contributing Writer

Staff editorial: How to take advantage of spring weather

On the off chance that you have some free time, here are some tips for ways to enjoy the spring weather from our Editorial Board.

The dark side of the Underpass

In a rush, you might just cut through the trash can gap without even thinking about the level of risk you have accepted. Because your backpack just hit the wall as you were turning, it leaves you with a scarlet letter—newsflash, that paint is never coming off—a permanent mark of humiliation, a reminder that, once again, you have been claimed by the power of the Underpass.

Thomas Humphrey | Staff Writer

For commuters, in class was ‘snow’ place to be on Monday

While we would have loved to spend a day at home in our pajamas too, we believe Wash. U. needs to do a better job of considering the safety of professors and workers who live farther away from Wash. U. and must navigate slick, snowy roads.

Fashion for confused weather

Any Washington University student knows that St. Louis weather can be…difficult. Here are a few key pieces that will ease you through this climatic identity crisis.

Maisie Heine | Contributing Writer

New Jersey’s weather could prove problematic in Super Bowl

Envision a picturesque winter football game. Snow flurries dust the lightly blanketed turf. Players huddle together on the sidelines, trying to stay warm. The fans, bundled in an assortment of jackets, hats, gloves and scarves, brave the cold to will their favorite team to victory. It all seems so romantic, doesn’t it?

| Staff Writer

Editorial Cartoon: The debate continues…

| Student Life

Editorial Cartoon: Finals are coming

Michelle Quick | Student Life

Editorial Cartoon: St. Louis Weather

Michelle Quick | Student Life

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