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Baseball tops Case Western Reserve University in double header

This weekend, the Washington University baseball team picked up two wins against Case Western Reserve University. Building on recent successes, the Bears’ got their conference campaign off to a hot start. After the two victories, 7-5 and 2-1 respectively, the team has now won six straight games and improved its record to be 15-3-1 for the season.

Heman Duplechan | Staff Reporter

Student groups strip down

Like in past years, the 2015 Sex Issue saw student groups bare their bodies. From academic clubs to fraternities and a cappella groups to student business workers, Wash. U. students used strategically placed props both to showcase their club spirit and cover up their delicate bits.

WUSTL alum and director David Donnelly talks new documentary

He stands alone, preparing for the exertion to come. The noise of the crowd makes its way to the hallway as he walks towards the stage. If not for the tuxedo, Paavo Jarvi could be an athlete in the midst of his pregame ritual. Jarvi is one of the best conductors in the world and the focus in the new documentary “Maestro,” which opens with the above scene.

| Movies Editor

Test your skills against Wash. U.’s own Jeopardy! winner

| Senior News Editor

@PrezBillyJeff and Colbert address taboo topics, social justice

@PrezBillyJeff posted his first tweet Saturday using a Twitter account made for him by comedian/talk show host Stephen Colbert. The Twitter account with profile “I am President William Jefferson Billy Jeff Rodham Clinton. Stephen Colbert is my BFF.” gained just fewer than 300 followers Saturday during an interview that will be aired on Comedy Central […]

Drop Wash. U. moniker, change branding to WUSTL

I may be spitting into the wind (to bust a urinary metaphor), but I wish the paper and the administration would drop the appellation “Wash. U.,” which sounds like an imperative to bathe, in favor of WUSTL (pronounced woo-stel or woos-til) as in UMSTL. In my day (I hate that phrase too, but it’s honest), only uninitiated grad students used the Wash. U. term…

Robert D. Brooks | Class of 1959

How to get properly laid at W.I.L.D.: A grammatical guide

Dear Wash. U., Now that we’ve been going steady for a year, I feel we’ve reached the point in our relationship where the honeymoon period is over.

| Copy Chief

WU recognized for tree upkeep

Washington University has earned recognition as a tree-friendly campus. The University was named a Tree Campus USA by the Arbor Day Foundation. This distinction is given to campuses that meet five requirements, and currently more than 100 campuses nationwide have received the recognition.

| News Editor

Relish in your life at Wash. U.

Despite having a great time, though, I was surprised to find that there were quite a few things that I missed about Wash. U. while I adjusted to life at a new university in a new country. As someone who has, in his columns, frequently been critical of various aspects of Wash. U., my newfound perspective made me realize I owe it some words of gratitude as well.

| Staff Columnist

St. Louis: ‘Most dangerous,’ but still our city

The issue St. Louis recently reclaimed its spot as the most dangerous city in the United States, according to CQ press. Every year, the discussion comes down to one essential question: Can crime rankings truly capture a representative portrait of a city?

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