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Wash U Confessions administrator to step down, requests page become dormant

The Wash U Confessions administrator, junior Brian Lam, will resign his post of the Facebook forum page in February and will not pass the page along, as is per tradition.

| News Editor

Not alone: A conversation with the Wash U Confessions admin

Mental health is without a doubt an issue at Washington University, and yet there is an apparent need amongst students to keep their struggles to themselves. As someone who has struggled with—and continues to battle against—mental health issues, I find issue with this.

| Staff Reporter

Economic anxiety affects mental health on campuses

A body of evidence reveals that current economic turmoil, rising student debt and an increasingly competitive job market have a significant impact on students’ mental health.

| Staff Columnist

My identity confession: Don’t tell me who I should be

Racial identity functions on a spectrum and is something that an individual has the power to define independently. It isn’t an absolute concept, so there’s no reason why anyone should have to live up to certain expectations about his or her race. Just because you don’t conform to those expectations also doesn’t mean that you can’t still culturally identify with it.

Rima Parikh | Staff Columnist

A letter to depressed students on “Wash U Confessions”

Despite the smiling faces that grace the covers of our brochures and viewbooks, unhappiness certainly has an ominous presence on campus. I guess it isn’t completely surprising that this is such a common sentiment—after all, Washington University is an intensely high-pressure environment. It’s almost too easy to fall into the clutches of feeling inadequate, overwhelmed, lonely and everything in between.

Rima Parikh | Contributing Writer

Fontbonne sophomore admits to fake ‘Wash U Confessions’

After a tumultuous week for the wildly popular Facebook page, Fontbonne University student, Jedediah Jones, confessed to making up at least half a dozen confessions on Wash. U. Confessions.

The Winkelvii | Really invented Facebook

Anonymous Facebook groups: An attributed commentary

Like many a Wash. U. undergraduate, I have recently become addicted to the set of anonymous Facebook pages like “Wash U Confessions” and “Wash U Admirers” that purportedly detail the unspoken thoughts of students around campus.

| Staff Columnist

Editorial Cartoon: Wash U Confessions

Margaret Flatley | Student Life

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