Comic: As the bear flies

A look into the creation of Wash. U. sidewalks.

HN Hoffmann | Senior Editor

Please, don’t stop

It’s always infuriating to be caught walking behind someone, only to have them abruptly stop in the middle of walking, forcing you to have to do some tactical dodge to avoid crashing into them.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

Hey get off the phone and. . .walk?

It’s one thing to become irate when you’re trying to drive to campus when the knucklehead in front of you sits at a green light because they’re blabbing on the phone. What about when you’re walking around campus and the person you’re holding a door for won’t hurry up because they’re also on the phone checking something on Facebook.

Getting from dorm to Mordor

Now that I live off campus, my appreciation for public transportation has greatly increased. It was different when I lived in Shepley, especially since Shepley was far from everything and anything. Due to this distance problem, I was forced to consider many different methods of transportation.

| Forum Editor

Watch your step!

There is so much beauty in the world, but we are in such a rush that we pass it by. It seems that most people wish they could get from their dorms to their classes without passing through the intervening space. I used to consider the walk a waste of time that could be made only slightly more productive by calling people. From the looks of it, many students feel that way.

| Staff Columnists

Public transportation: An inquiry into getting around at WU

Now that I live in Shepley, my hypothesis—that Shepley is the farthest from everything and anything—has been proven correct. Due to this distance problem, I have been forced to reconsider many different methods of transportation.

| Forum Editor

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