Dumpster diving proves success of zero-landfill W.I.L.D.

While some waste still made it into the landfills, this year’s “zero-landfill” W.I.L.D. concert diverted more waste than any W.I.L.D. before it. According to junior Emily Kent, co-chair of the Green Events Commission, a zero-waste event is defined as one in which at least 90 percent of waste is diverted from landfills.

Top 9 tweets from this Fall’s W.I.L.D.:

Some students could feel the campus mood changing before W.I.L.D.: [tweet https://twitter.com/ZasslesOfficial/statuses/388757418089263104] [tweet https://twitter.com/meganruppy/statuses/388732364223836160] you know WashU is REALLY about to get WILD when Schnuk's runs out of Solo cups. #WUSTLWILD — Laira (@lairatorres) October 11, 2013 While others saw the aftermath of W.I.L.D.: [tweet https://twitter.com/kristine_yang/statuses/389055969579122688] With WILD and Carnival this weekend, I feel like […]

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Inconsistent alcohol policy leads to student confusion, discipline

Around 6 p.m. the afternoon of Friday’s Walk In Lay Down event, a small group of students were sitting in a freshman’s JKL room, with sealed bottles of alcohol visible and the door open, when they say a residential college director entered the suite.

W.I.L.D. pump-up playlist

The allegedly crazy concert of the semester is this Friday, and students in apartments and dorms alike will probably find themselves in need of a pump-up playlist for their pre-W.I.L.D. party. Here are some suggestions from the Cadenza staff. “Favorite Song”—Chance the Rapper If you’ve never listened to Chance the Rapper, remedy that immediately. His […]

Before you use your fake ID at W.I.L.D.

This weekend, students will converge upon Brookings Quadrangle for fun, music and dancing. Every year, W.I.L.D. draws huge numbers of students, the vast majority of whom follow the few, lenient rules that Washington University imposes for the event. Unfortunately, there are always a small number of students who choose to test the limits of what the University allows.

Office of Student Conduct (OSC)

University Wi-Fi blocks student hookup website

A Walk In Lay Down-themed hookup website has been blocked from Washington University Wi-Fi after the Student Union president raised concerns that it promoted sexual assault. The student-created site, awildnight.

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Editorial Cartoon: Get excited to Walk In Lay Down

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Hip-hop stars Karmin, Chance the Rapper to perform at WU

With Fall W.I.L.D. only two weeks away, organizers have announced two headliners they hope will live up to Buzzfeed recently ranking the event the eighth most insane college party in the country. When hip-hop artists Karmin and Chance the Rapper perform at Fall W.I.L.D. on Oct.

W.I.L.D. announcements leave Cadenza ‘Brokenhearted,’ but ‘Everything’s Good’

We’ve been waiting all semester for Social Programming Board to call us, baby, so let’s get up, let’s get on it and let’s find out what Cadenza thinks about the W.I.L.D. headliners, Karmin and Chance the Rapper. Karmin is the definition of a guilty pleasure because at long last, pleas for a female pop artist have been answered.

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An open letter to a tamer W.I.L.D.

We’ve had some fun times together over the past 40 years. There were the early days of movies on Brookings Quadrangle. There were great past headliners, like Gregg Allman in spring 1986 and They Might Be Giants in both 1994 and 1999. There were the crazy days of beer pong tournaments at the Gargoyle and all-day drinking on Saturday.

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