Editor’s Note Episode 5: Students hit the polls

In this week’s podcast, multimedia editor Jaden Satenstein speaks with two StudLife editors about voter engagement and attitudes toward the election on campus.

| Multimedia Editor

A walk through WU on Election Day

Here is a peek into Election Day for Wash. U. students—from the on-campus polling site to the South 40 dorms to taking it all in from home.

Scene Staff

Sleepless nights and endless emails: Behind the scenes of student campaigners before Election Day

Every morning, sophomore Emma Singh wakes up at 5 a.m, what she calls an “ungodly hour,” to the soothing sound of National Public Radio and the gentle glow of her natural light alarm clock. Then she gets to work.

| Contributing Writer

Staff Editorial: The least you can do: Here’s how to vote in this fall’s general election

Normally, the Student Life Editorial Board would run a staff editorial about voting during the last week of October, just before Election Day. This year, though, voting is different.

Op-Ed: Request your absentee ballot

For many students who are not currently living in Missouri but are registered to vote here, July 22 is your last day to ensure that your vote will be counted in the August 4 primary.

There are strong candidates running that deserve your consideration, but there is one ballot initiative that we all have a responsibility to vote for and where your vote counts: Amendment 2, Medicaid expansion.

Philip Keisler | Class of 2022

Don’t let a less than perfect candidate keep you from voting

Voting this November is crucial. Biden might not be the best, but he is so much better than Trump.

| Senior Editor

Missouri Democratic primary: Why you should vote

As Washington University students, we have an opportunity to make our voices heard and elect a president who will represent our values.

Zachary Opengart | Wash. U. College Democrats

Staff Editorial: The SU candidates: Considering the pros and cons of their platforms

We as an Editorial Board read through and critically discussed each candidate’s platforms.

Don’t let Iowa discourage you from voting

What I want to stress about this major blunder is to not let it be a discouragement from engaging in the primary process.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

Staff Editorial: It’s sooner than you think: Get registered for the primaries

“With such a heated election coming up, it’s vital that Wash. U. students make their voices heard by engaging in our democracy through its most fundamental civic duty: voting.”

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