No taxation without representation — unless you’re under 18?

This country was built on the principle of “no taxation without representation.” And yet, contributing members of our society have continually been denied proper representation.

| Staff Writer

‘Party’ at the Polls: A look at the election from a student voter

Those who voted at Sumers Recreation Center on Tuesday would say the “Party at the Polls” was anything but. While a cappella groups performed and pizza was provided for voters, lines were long as students sat and worked on staircases, some for upwards of three hours.

Isabelle Gillman | Staff Writer

Staff editorial: One more plea

You’ve probably read posters, heard friends and seen Facebook posts begging you to please vote tomorrow. Here it is again: Please, please, vote tomorrow.

Staff editorial: Midterms matter

As undergraduates at Washington University, we are plugged in to national politics in a variety of ways, including student publications, courses and various on-campus events. With the upcoming midterm election quickly approaching, it is important that we transfer this same level of enthusiasm to state and local politics.

‘Vote, dammit.’ campaign forced to withhold voting guides due to possible partisanship in content

The “Vote, dammit.” campaign was forced to withhold a number of voting guides created by the Sam Fox School of Art & Design’s Communication Design: Voice class due to tax code regulations and suspicions of partisan bias.

Bailey Winston | Contributing Reporter

SU Senate reconsiders, votes to cut its own seats

Reversing its decision from two weeks ago, Student Union Senate narrowly voted in favor of cutting nearly a quarter of its seats. The change, pending majority approval by SU Treasury and two-thirds of the student body, would cut six seats—four from the College of Arts & Sciences, one from the engineering school and one from the business school. Senators J.R.

| News Editor

Who do you want representing you?

We have a choice. Every two years, America votes for the people it will send to the House of Representatives.

| Staff Columnist

Tax for Metro goes to a vote

Supporters of a proposed sales-tax hike for Metro are making their final case to students and local residents to get them to turn out to vote “yes” in Tuesday’s St. Louis County election, as a smaller organized opposition continues to work to defeat the measure. Sensing that they face an uphill battle, Washington University students and administrators have joined forces with local transit advocates.

| Enterprise Editor

A letter on Prop A from Chancellor Mark Wrighton

To the Washington University Community: I write to you on the eve of a very important day for Washington University and the St. Louis region, and I write to ask for your support. On Tuesday, April 6, registered voters in St. Louis County will have the opportunity to vote on Proposition A, a half-cent sales tax increase to support the operation and expansion of the Metro system.

| Op-Ed Submission

Buying cars a poor substitute for Proposition A

There have been a lot of concerns and misinformation going around about Prop A and the campaign to save Metro. The truth is that there are a lot of very good reasons to vote yes on Tuesday. For instance, the Metro trains are much more sustainable than cars or even buses.

Kevin Lin | Op-Ed Submission

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