@Metoo_WashU hosts vigil for survivors and leads ‘tour’ of Fraternity Row, calling out sexual violence and rape culture within Greek Life

Around 50 students attended @metoo_washu’s two-part vigil for survivors at the Overpass and protest for Greek Life abolition on Fraternity Row Friday night.

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“Show our Black sisters the respect they deserve”: Hundreds of students mourn together at vigil for Breonna Taylor

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.”
The numbers, symbolizing the number of bullets that police officers fired at Breonna Taylor, echoed against the buildings of the East End during a vigil held Saturday.

Julia Robbins | Staff Reporter

Vigil held in light of recent tragedies

With their unsnapped glow sticks in their pockets as they stared at the ground, students joined in a moment of silence in observation of the Boston bombings and manhunt among other worldwide tragedies of the past week.

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A refreshing demonstration of unity

Wednesday evening, students gathered in the DUC courtyard for a candlelight vigil and moment of silence to reflect on the recent violence between Israel and Hamas in and around Gaza. Many other universities around the country held similar vigils the same night.

Vigil stresses humanity over politics for Israel, Gaza

Both the Hebrew and Arabic words for peace come from the same root meaning “wholeness” or “togetherness.” About two dozen students on both sides of the Israel-Palestine ideological divide came together Wednesday evening to mourn the civilian casualties of the recent violence around Gaza in a candlelight vigil.

Students remember James McLeod at candlelight vigil

While a miscommunication forced organizers to create an event from scratch in two weeks and thus led to a significantly decreased turnout from last year, students said they still found this year’s Sept. 11 memorial valuable and hope it will continue in future years.

Candlelit vigil in remembrance of gay students

Students gathered Thursday night, October 21, for the Vigil of Awakening in remembrance of the recent suicides of students who had been targeted for being gay and in support of all the LGBTQIA youth who have been bullied. Members of the LGBT community and a large number of allies attended the vigil, as well as several community members.

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