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GameStop Redditors prompt our recollections of a simpler time

For years, GameStop and its assortment of sports content have fueled endless imagination, so our staffers reflected on their own memories of the legendary store and the video games they bought there.

Gun violence panel cross examines new Missouri gun legislation

Featured panelists discussed new Missouri gun legislation and possible initiatives moving forward Monday night at a gun violence panel held at Washington University’s Hillel.

| Contributing Reporter

Latest Pokemon games continue to inspire franchise’s devotees

Oct. 12, 2013 marked the release of the newest Pokemon games, “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y” for Nintendo 3DS. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y offer many new features that were unavailable in previous games, rendering their scenes more realistic and making avid fans all the more excited for them.

Claudia Vaughan | Contributing Reporter

Gamers glean inside information on the industry from panel of Riot employees

For once, a group of gamers was assembled in the not-virtual universe. Four employees of Riot Games, the maker of the immensely popular “League of Legends” computer game, attracted many students to the Danforth University Center, leaving the Friday afternoon panel discussion with standing room only.

Glenn Harris

Gaming and psychological study

I’m sure many people have had experiences with massively multiplayer online games and their unique ability to collect large numbers of gamers into a somewhat cohesive environment. What I find particularly intriguing, however, is how such games can be used to study human social interaction in a way that would be otherwise impossible.

| Staff Columnist

‘Mass Effect 3’

On Tuesday, BioWare released the final installment in its RPG trilogy “Mass Effect.” As a huge fan, I spent a few hours waiting in GameStop for the midnight launch, and when I finally got my copy of “Mass Effect 3,” I was absolutely blown away.

| Cadenza Reporter

Getting lost in ‘Dear Esther’

“Dear Esther” is an art game. It’s lavish, polished and beautiful, but for all of its prettiness, there is no traditional gameplay to speak of: The sole purpose of the game is to wander around on a desolate island and listen to the occasional bits of narration that flesh out the story.

| Video Game Editor

2012 Video game preview

With “Mass Effect 3,” BioWare finally looks poised to balance the RPG and action duality of the game, which leaned toward the former in “Mass Effect” and the latter in “Mass Effect 2.” New additions like melee attacks, a larger skill tree and weapon upgrades should make it a more complex game than its predecessors, though I’d wager that most people will be buying the game to see the trilogy reach its conclusion.

| Video Games Editor

Summer 2011 video games

Summer is an oddly quiet time for video game releases. While Hollywood tends to release their latest and loudest titles during the summer, video game publishers choose to hold their sure-fire successes and big name sequels for the fall, right in time for the holidays.

| Video Games Editor

Psychonauts offers gamers unique chance to journey through brain

“Psychonauts” is the of the most profoundly creative games you’ve never played. For those who have experienced the joys of sticking doors onto people’s foreheads, and for those who haven’t, join me in a look back at Double Fine Production’s first title.

| Video Games Editor

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