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Video game review: ‘Call of Duty’ brings new addition to lineup

For this review, I will be breaking this game into three different sections, since each game mode caters to different (usually not intermingling) communities.

Phoenix Burnett | Contributing Writer

‘Apex Legends’ changes the battle royale game

Much like the other battle royale titans, “Apex” is built upon a good foundation. Using the same engine and assets from “Titanfall 2,” “Apex” is a well-polished and fast-paced shooter.

Phoenix Burnett | Contributing Writer

Soulcalibur VI: ‘The most ambitious crossover ever’

Soulcalibur VI is the latest installment in the Soul series though, despite being the 11th game in the series, newcomers do not need to play the others in order to enjoy this game.

Phoenix Burnett | Contributing Writer

‘Super Monday Night Combat’ beta preview

The original “Monday Night Combat” (“MNC”) remains one of the oddest genre experiments in games, and luckily it happens to be as fun as it was experimental.

| Video Game Editor

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