Matt’s Morsels: Food, weight, and resolutions

Healthy eating is as simple as altering a few behaviors in the kitchen. Here are some that are easy, quick and, most importantly, tasty.

| Staff Columnist

Matt’s Morsels: Green with envy for those vegetables

Vegetables, veggies, that green stuff. Whatever you call it, plants have a crucial role in human diet and are critical in keeping us healthy.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Columnist

Picky eaters: Just try it!

Before coming to college I never considered myself a picky eater. I consumed each helping of vegetables and chicken my mom placed on our kitchen table without protest.

| Forum Editor

The state of campus veggies

Whether you’re undergoing some stress relief with a vat of ice cream, overfeeding yourself for that biology test or just sharing some chips with friends, food, we can agree, is key to the college experience. People appreciate having the food that they like and want at their disposal.

| Scene Special Features Editor

Soulard Market: A fresh way to shop

Soulard Market befuddles your senses. Calls of “strawberries!” and “fresh frog legs!” collide and bounce into you. The infinite colors and fragrances swirl so quickly from the stands that you begin to smell the moist greens, yellows and reds of the peppers. What look like ordinary grapes grow to the size of half dollars as you approach the heaped bunches.

| Scene Reporter

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