How to finesse the vegan game on campus

I’ve concocted vegan recipes that can be created in the comfort of your residential hall’s kitchen with the use of on-campus eatery ingredients. You know you’ve always wanted to go vegan, so why not start now?

Jillian Shah | Contributing Writer

The sustaining impact of Wash. U.’s Food Week

In revising our food system, we cannot look past the extreme effects of nonsustainable agriculture. Last week, Washington University’s Office of Sustainability hosted Food Week 2016: Know Your Foodprint, which highlighted these concerns and how we can address them.

| Staff Writer

Veganism: Putting a face to that plate of bacon

I’ve been a vegetarian since my senior year of high school. But I hadn’t really examined why I became a vegetarian in a long time. I have canned answers I give curious murder-mongers, but they’re generally terse statements of ideology. After thinking about it, I’ve decided that the logical, consistent step is to become vegan.

A meat eater’s response to vegan-promotional-pamphlet guy

If you live on the South 40 and your morning class route takes you past the DUC, chances are you’ve been handed a pamphlet with grotesque pictures of factory farming by a vegan protester who seems to stop by our campus once or twice a week. The cover proclaims, “Even if you like meat…you can help end this cruelty.

Stella Kamm

BlackBean Burger Club

When you think of the classic American food, you probably think of a hamburger. But with a growing vegetarian population, the classic American burger has taken on a variety of forms. That’s where the black bean burger comes in; it’s a meatless burger substitute that has become one of the main staples in the diets of vegetarian and vegan students alike at Washington University.

| Scene Online Features Editor

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