You, too, may be a tool of imperialism

The frame of mind that led Kristen Gray to exploit Bali is not dissimilar from the mindset of American tourists in countries that seem “exotic,” exciting, and non-permanent after the vacation weekend is over.

| Forum Editor

Staff ed: How to make St. Louis more like your ideal vacation spot

The Student Life Editorial Board is here with some tips to help make St. Louis feel a little bit more like a picturesque spring break vacation locale.

Longer break for Thanksgiving is a smart move

Those of us who were left feeling a bit unsatisfied with our measly Thanksgiving break can rejoice at the news that Washington University will be overhauling its academic calendar next year. Beginning next fall, the school will give students a full week off from classes for Thanksgiving and remove the fall break entirely.

| Staff Columnist

Holiday travel: Cheap international vacations

Have you ever considered exploring the sights of a new country? Did you dream of studying abroad but couldn’t fit it in your schedule? With the economic recession particularly hurting the airline business, international flights are now cheaper than ever.

| Scene Regular Features Editor

What I did during my summer vacation

First, I’d like to welcome all returning students back to our illustrious campus and extend a hand in much the same gesture to the newest members of our community. I say I would like to, but I really have no authority in the matter, so I suppose I won’t. What I can (and therefore will) […]

| Staff Columnist

Pack Me in Your Suitcase: In-security

Airport security is one of those terrible yet necessary parts of life that everyone loves to hate. Everyone worries about getting through the lines, being the random person selected for a special screening and forgetting to throw out their water bottles. Whether a person is traveling abroad or traveling domestically, security is the inevitable beginning of every flight-based vacation.

| Senior Scene Editor

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