Yes, WU junior Jordan Nagai played Russell in Disney-Pixar’s ‘Up.’ And no, he doesn’t mind talking about it.

Jordan Nagai has hiked Mt. Fuji—twice. That’s his go-to fun fact during a typical club icebreaker introduction. Or he might tell you that he’s a second-degree black belt in the martial art form judo, or that he plays piano, guitar and saxophone. What Nagai won’t tell you? That he was the voice actor for Russell, the main character for the enormously popular Pixar movie “Up,” which won Best Animated Feature in 2010.

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Re-watching childhood films enables deeper understanding of their messages

“Ratatouille” is about finding one’s identity when confronted with new worlds; “Lilo and Stitch” about making new families and loneliness; “Up,” at least ostensibly, about what adventure means and growing up.

Pranaya Pahwa | Staff Writer

Evaluating the UP slate

Each year, the Student Life editorial board conducts interviews with the candidates running for Student Union executive council and evaluates their platforms. This year, the UP slate, which consists of junior John Harrison York (president), sophomore MaryPat Sinclair (vice president of programming), sophomore Mamatha Challa (vice president of administration), junior Cody Katz (vice president of finance) and sophomore Amanda Signorelli (vice president of public relations), is running unopposed.

UP executive slate platforms

Student Life sat down with each of the UP slate’s five candidates for Student Union Executive Council to get a sense of their reasons for running and goals for the coming year.

Summer movie recap

The summer break is over, and you can hear that steady beat of freshmen marching to their first college classes. The new school year brings change. Wohl Center as we know it is gone, and Bear Grylls owns a restaurant on the South 40.

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