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U. College: McMillon ID issued because of loophole

Jeremiah McMillon, the man arrested for the gunpoint robbery of Wash. U. students, was issued a Wash. U. ID after applying to University College, according to Robert Wiltenburg, the dean of University College.

| Senior News Editor

Recent crimes highlight need to restrict ID card issuance

Following recent crimes that took place in very close proximity to campus, local police arrested Jeremiah McMillon for charges of theft and assault. Disturbingly, McMillon was in possession of a Wash. U. ID card, which was issued to him in July after he registered for the University College, leading us to question the ID issuance policy.

Staff Column: University needs a culinary arts program

One thing I’ve discovered in college is my passion for food. For years I cooked with my mom on Saturday mornings; those experiences became invaluable this summer, as I found myself cooking in my apartment, mixing and matching meats and veggies and spices. My fondness for food makes me wish Wash. U. offered a culinary arts program.

| Forum Editor

Wash. U. should expand University College options

University College, the testament to Washington University’s early history as an evening educational institution serving a large immigrant population, offers some unique opportunities to its students. Unfortunately, many of its courses are either denied to full-time undergraduate students, or when allowed, rarely receive the attention or endorsement they deserve. Many students know they can take […]

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