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‘We’re plugging away’: How the Prison Education Project keeps working during the pandemic

In a normal year, PEP instructors make the 35-minute drive southwest to Pacific, Mo. where they conduct in-person class, put together study hall sessions and even organize clubs. But when COVID-19 hit, the prison completely shut down. The students couldn’t see their families, let alone teachers from PEP.

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Mark Rollins appointed as new UCollege dean

Philosophy professor and performing arts department chair Mark Rollins will take over as University College dean effective July 1, Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences Barbara Schaal announced earlier this week.

| News Editor

Former dean gives lecture about ‘mankind’s best idea’

Dean emeritus of University College, Robert Wiltenburg, Ph.D., spoke on the topic of “An Ever-Modern University” at Saturday’s MLA Lecture Series.

| Contributing Reporter

UCollege journalism department updates with new, integrated communications major

The University College journalism department is in talks to develop a new program that would combine the ever-growing presence of digital media communications with the art of investigative storytelling.

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From prison to progress: The odyssey of Damon Hartley

Damon Hartley speaks and acts with conviction, certainty and a rightfully earned dose of pride. He understands what hard work means and knows that preparation is the greatest foundation for success. Hartley knows all this because until this May, he was an inmate at the Missouri Eastern Correctional Center (MECC) in Pacific, Mo.

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Six cars broken into, one stolen outside U College class

Six cars were broken into and a seventh was stolen outside a University College glassblowing class at Third Degree Glass Factory on Thursday night.

| Staff Reporter

Engineering school to cease offering credit for UCollege classes

Starting this fall, engineering students will no longer be able to count most University College courses toward their graduation requirements.

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MLA lecture series explores government paternalism, happiness

This year’s University College Master of Liberal Arts lecture series aims to help students evaluate the theme of happiness, though many say it has been under-advertised.

Talal Ahmad | Contributing Reporter

University College honors summer graduates at annual M.I.L.D. event

Replacing the alcohol and pop music atmosphere of W.I.L.D. with brie, apple cider and low-key jazz, this year’s Mosey In Lie Down (M.I.L.D.) served as the University College’s more subdued fall concert counterpart. Featuring local band The Erin Bode Group for the third year in a row, M.I.L.D.

Peter Jones | Contributing Reporter

WU employees may lose assistance for grad. courses

A change in the federal tax code may impede Washington University faculty and staff from taking graduate courses. The University provides tuition assistance to encourage employees to pursue continuing education opportunities. Though some employees choose to take job-related courses, more of them favor other courses. Under Section 127 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), which is set to expire on Dec. 31, the University can offer $5,250 of tax-free tuition assistance for these courses.

| Contributing Reporter

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