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Businesses on Delmar Loop adapt to changing landscape; WU community helps keep doors open

The spread of COVID-19 and frequently changing guidelines have contributed to the difficulties that small businesses on the Delmar Loop have grappled with over the past year.

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University City to form task force addressing relationship with WU

The council hopes the task force will foster a stronger and more communicative relationship between University City and the University, specifically with regards to the University’s financial impact on the surrounding area.

Grace Stohr | Contributing Reporter

Loop Trolley partially up and running despite various issues

After almost four years of construction and a host of complications, the opening ceremony of the Delmar Loop Trolley went ahead in Delmar Hall Thursday, although a winter weather advisory delayed its actual first run to Friday.

Curran Neenan | Staff Reporter

A pathway to engagement with St. Louis

As students, it is imperative that we first put ourselves on trial before looking to correct the faults in any institution. Once we have exhausted our own abilities, we can then turn to pressuring administration for help.

Clark Randall | Contributing Writer

Lofts demonstrate larger concern with Washington University’s place in the city

While we may tend to focus on micro-issues and grumbles with the building itself, like the strange accent walls or the exposed ceilings, the Lofts are indicative of a much larger and overlooked subject: how the Lofts represent Wash. U.’s desire to expand without consideration for the city that houses it.

Evening robbery near campus raises student concern with crime alert system

University City is continuing to investigate last week’s robbery on Kingsbury Blvd. that has raised concern among students who live nearby but never received a crime notification about it. Last Sunday night at about 7 p.m., a male student said he was walking on the 6600 block of Kingsbury when he was knocked to the ground and punched by a suspect.

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Tentative measure could increase energy efficiency, raise UCity construction costs

An energy-saving measure to be proposed at Monday night’s University City council meeting could affect the design of Washington University’s planned housing north of the Delmar Loop.

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Gunshots allegedly fired near University Terrace

University City police are investigating about 10 gunshots allegedly fired by the corner of Interdrive and Clemens Avenue Sunday evening. Police would not comment on the investigation, but nearby residents said the shots were fired in two bursts just before 9 p.m.

| Senior News Editor

Loop development project moves forward

The City Council of University City has voted to allow Washington University to take the next step in its $80 million development project on the Delmar Loop. A pair of small buildings on the Loop will be demolished Monday to formally start the process, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported earlier this week.

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Rise in bike thefts on campus troubles students

When junior Zach Hembree left his apartment on Waterman Blvd. to bike to campus about two weeks ago, he found that his bike—or at least most of it—had disappeared. “I had locked it out in front of Waterman the night before and when I woke up in the morning to use it, it just wasn’t there,” Hembree said.

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