Counterpoint: Lunch is still open, have a seat

Our society needs unity, but more so, it needs understanding, and with understanding comes compromise.

| Managing Editor

Staff Editorial: This fall only works if we work together, let’s rise to the occasion

If the University community wishes to partake in that privilege, however, we cannot ignore the responsibility that accompanies the realities of an in-person semester.

Reflections on ‘Reflections:’ Unintentional connections between recent events

On Wednesday evening, the University sponsored an event called “Reflections: Unity, Social Justice and Peace.” As I took my seat among the small crowd in Graham Chapel, I did some reflecting of my own.

Hanusia Higgins | Senior Scene Editor

Narrow margins mark spring SU election results

Narrow margins mark spring SU election results

A mixed slate took Senior Class Council and two groups failed in their appeals for block funding despite majority support in the latest round of Student Union elections. The results, announced Tuesday afternoon, represent the votes of nearly 41 percent of the undergraduate student body, making the election the most competitive in recent memory.

| News Editor

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