Students and administrators repaint vandalized underpass mural with ‘Black Lives Matter,’ flowers and handprints

University leaders have said there is an ongoing investigation into the vandalism and that they hope to provide more information in the near future.

| Managing Editor

Underpass Black history mural vandalized with white supremacist propaganda

The spray-paint consisted of a white base layer underneath red and blue messages in support of a white nationalist hate group. 

| Editor-in-Chief

Local artists bring social justice art to South 40 Underpass

A different kind of welcome message greeted new students at the South 40 Underpass this year.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

The terrible trek to classes

Every trip to class is riddled with social booby traps.

Thomas Humphrey | Staff Writer

The dark side of the Underpass

In a rush, you might just cut through the trash can gap without even thinking about the level of risk you have accepted. Because your backpack just hit the wall as you were turning, it leaves you with a scarlet letter—newsflash, that paint is never coming off—a permanent mark of humiliation, a reminder that, once again, you have been claimed by the power of the Underpass.

Thomas Humphrey | Staff Writer

Underused Underpass space to see renewed use from WUSTL athletics

For the past few semesters, the southeast wall of the Underpass facing the South 40 has been left largely blank, but it may see renewed use by the athletics department.

John Lin | Contributing Reporter

Bridge across underpass deemed structurally unstable

The iconic South 40 underpass is structurally unstable, according to a recent report released by the Federal Highway Administration. A structurally deficient bridge is not necessarily at high risk of collapsing, but does require consistent monitoring and inspections at least once a year.

| News Editor

Feeling down? The ‘compliment guys’ are here to help

Stress relief at Washington University is now instantaneous. Each Friday for the past two months, freshmen Greg Herren and Mike Bjorgaard have positioned themselves by the Forsyth Boulevard Underpass to compliment students as they walk to class. They arrive at 8:30 a.m. and continue to dole out compliments until 11 a.m.

| Executive Editor

WU planning complete renovation for Underpass

The underpass connecting the Danforth campus and South 40, constructed sometime in the 1960s, is pending a complete renovation. But while discussion on the changes has already begun, actual construction is not expected to happen until the summer of 2012.

| News Manager

Graffiti messages near Underpass target SU agenda

While peppy signs plastered throughout campus welcomed freshmen to Washington University, an unknown number of people greeted students with a message of their own on the first day of classes: “This today is gone tomorrow…Don’t screw it up.” Students walking to class from the South 40 encountered a montage of unauthorized graffiti spray painted on […]

| News Staff

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