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underage drinking

Old enough to hold a gun, too young to take a shot

Lowering the drinking age won’t immediately solve every drinking problem, but it’s the start of a cultural shift.

| Contributing Writer

Increase in unofficial W.I.L.D. crackdowns will lead to hidden drinking, dangerous environments

Wash. U. students have long regarded W.I.L.D. as one of Washington University’s best party traditions. This August, the concert series received national recognition when it was named one of BuzzFeed’s “15 Insane College Parties That Will Make You Want To Transfer.” However, this year, Wash. U. appeared to be on a mission to make W.I.L.D. a mild experience.

Bar managers warn against the dangers of drinking

As students began to prepare for Mardi Gras, one of St. Louis’ biggest party weekends, bar managers and a Washington University Police Department officer came to campus to share their cautionary tales with the Washington University community.

| News Editor

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