Federal loan defaults up at WU, across US

Washington University students defaulted more often on federal student loans they started repaying in fiscal 2008 than on those they started repaying a year earlier, echoing a nationwide rise in defaults brought on by the economic downturn.

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Take your activism into the “real world”

Diversity seems to be the topic that really affected me more than most during my time here at the University. Many people have come up to me recently and asked me where my passion for diversity comes from.

Fernando Cutz | Senior Class President

National coalition on socioeconomic diversity finally becomes a reality

A national initiative spearheaded by Washington University and focused on increasing undergraduate socioeconomic diversity was formally founded on Wednesday. Last Wednesday, Saint Louis University (SLU) passed legislation forming its own chapter, SLU/FUSED. In doing so, SLU joins co-founders Washington University and Duke University.

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Senate passes resolution in support of U/FUSED

Student Union Senate on Wednesday passed a resolution in support of founding United for Undergraduate Socio-Economic Diversity (U/FUSED), a group that would aim to increase socioeconomic diversity on a national level at undergraduate schools. U/FUSED will be a coalition that has organizations at different undergraduate schools.

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