SU, student groups react to decision not to reinstate subsidized Uber program

Students are questioning the University’s decision not to reinstate its subsidized Uber program after a recent series of off-campus robberies.

Curran Neenan | News Editor

Rob Wild addresses SU about student concerns regarding recent crime

Student Union Senate hosted Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Rob Wild Tuesday to discuss safety and address student concerns following a spike in crime over the weekend.

| Senior News Editor

On Uber drivers and societal pressures: To tip or not to tip

Uber drivers have to endure a lot when letting random strangers into their cars, some of which are not always the best patrons.

Kya Vaughn | Staff Writer

Op-ed: On the loss of students’ safety: Are we worth it?

Ending Wash. U.’s Uber program is not only illogical and short-sighted, but inherently dangerous.

Lizzi Kehoe | Class of 2020

Free Uber program to end after the fall semester

There are no plans to renew the partnership, which began amid the spate of carjackings and robberies in September. Vice Chancellor for Operations and Technology Transfer Dedric Carter said that the program was never meant to be a long-term solution for students living off campus.

Curran Neenan | Staff Reporter

Students, administrators reflect on WU’s Uber partnership

Washington University modified regulations regarding their partnership with Uber, which was announced Sept. 24 in response to a spike in crime near campus.

| Staff Reporter

Op-ed: Our Uber nightmare

No one should ever feel afraid and threatened to the extent that they have to run away from their Uber and hide in an empty Ikea, wondering if help will arrive.

Elana Greenberg and Zoe Engels | Class of 2020 and 2021

WU partners with Uber to subsidize rides for students in areas surrounding campus

Washington University will subsidize up to two Uber rides to and from campus per day for students living north and south of the Delmar Loop and in the Skinker-DeBaulevaire neighborhoods after entering into a contract with the ride-sharing company, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Administrative Officer Hank Webber wrote in an email to Student Life Sunday.

| Senior News Editor

Staff editorial: Uber service further improved due to student requests

Following a string of violent crime in the neighborhoods around Washington University, administrators announced a partnership with Uber to provide free rides to students for the fall semester.

Combatting the dark side of Uber

Let’s face it: whenever it’s time to go out to dinner in Central West End or head out for a night in St. Louis, you’re probably going to call an Uber. It’s a cheap, fast alternative to traditional local taxi companies..

| Staff Writer

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