tuition hike

Staff Editorial: WashU, don’t raise tuition

A WashU education continues to grow pricier, but after a pandemic and record endowment growth, the University should consider the necessity of raising tuition yet again.

Get your money’s worth: Another year, another tuition hike

Last week, students and parents received an email notifying them of another raise in tuition at Washington University.

Katy Hutson and Jaden Satenstein | Senior Scene Editors

2016-2017 undergraduate tuition sees 3.5 percent increase to $48,950

Washington University’s undergraduate tuition will see a 3.5 percent, or $1,650, increase, bringing the total to $48,950 for the 2016-2017 academic year, Provost Holden Thorp announced Tuesday morning.

| Senior News Editor

A closer look at this year’s tuition hike

While tuition hikes are nothing new, we at Student Life feel that this year’s increase warrants some special attention, specifically because of the way this year’s increase has been presented.

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