trick or treat

Trick-or-treat: The sweetest and trickiest events of this semester

Though most Wash. U. students may now be too old to knock on doors in costume, Student Life’s editorial board members have compiled fall semester tricks and treats for the crowd that once longed to dress as William Randolph Hearst, Joseph Pulitzer or Nellie Bly.

Trick-or-treat all year long

When I was 3 years old, my mom dressed me up for Halloween as my treasured clock radio. Yes, for reasons I no longer understand, I spent an entire holiday dressed as a pre-iHome electronic wake-up call. I trick-or-treated that year encased in a giant cutout piece of white foam board, festooned with permanent marker buttons.

| Forum Editor

Trick or treat

With Halloween around the corner, my roommates and I have to get ready for little kids coming up to our door trying to get their grubby hands on our hard-earned candy. Living off campus in a residential neighborhood means that there are going to be costumed critters running around on sugar highs.

| Forum Editor

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