SU candidates discuss platforms, answer questions from WU community at forum

The forum, which took place one week before SU elections on March 30, covered topics ranging from accountability and transparency to the role of WUPD and Greek Life on campus.

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Student groups petition to receive block funding

Each of the groups petitioning—Uncle Joe’s, Emergency Support Team (EST), Lucidity, Campus Y, Bear Discounts and WUnderground—must receive 1,071 signatures, fifteen percent of the student body, by Feb. 22. Then, their budget is voted on by the student body in the SU spring election. If it passes with a two-thirds student vote, their petition is funded.

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Student Union Treasury considers creation of new funding category

Student Union Treasury is considering changing the funding structure for student groups, it announced over winter break.

The proposed funding category would allocate a fixed dollar amount to Category II student groups instead of going through the formal budget process. If implemented, Category II student groups would have the option to opt into this new category and budget process.

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Treasury chooses Trending Topics Speakers

Student Union has selected five guest speakers for its 2018-2019 Trending Topics series after narrowing down a list of 21 candidates Sunday.

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Senate, Treasury elect new leadership via internal process

Student Union appointed members to new leadership positions in Senate and Treasury through internal elections March 27.

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Student Union places new limits on student group appeals per semester

In an effort to optimize the usage of funds allotted in Treasury, Student Union has capped the number of successful appeals for student organizations per semester at three.

Emma Baker | Contributing Reporter

SU releases strategic plan, seeks further alignment

In an effort to establish more unity between Student Union entities and hold members accountable, SU’s executive board released a strategic plan Wednesday.

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Senate, Treasury recommend to fund $0 for new office space

Student Union Senate and Treasury recommended to fund $0 of the administration’s $100,000 request for new office furnishings Tuesday.

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Op-ed submission: Imposed Limites

We were allocated $0 out of $4251.25 appealed for buses, speaker, food and DJ. We watched for over an hour as our event was shredded to pieces.

Itzel Lopez | Class of 2018

Op-ed submission: Working toward a more representative SU

This year, the Diversity Affairs Council launched an inaugural project to collect data on the demographics of our Student Union officers to better understand how our student body is represented in SU.

Diversity Affairs Council

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