You can’t have your pie and eat it too

I’m disappointed that there seems to be no clear administrative ruling on how to approach Thanksgiving this fall, but because of that, individual choices matter. 

Olivia Poolos | Staff Writer

Op-Ed: An overlooked risk factor in the spread of coronavirus: domestic travel

“When I called Student Health Services, I was told not to worry about traveling home over break. But, things I am being told by friends and family at home indicates otherwise.”

Logan Press | Class of 2021

Nationally renowned professor named Dean of Arts & Sciences

Faced with the decision of whether to take a third term as vice president of the National Academy of Sciences or become Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Washington University, biology professor Barbara Schaal chose the latter. Schaal, whose work in evolutionary biology has taken her everywhere from Washington D.C.

| Editor-In-Chief

Students affected by hurricane return to campus

Hurricane Irene hit the northeastern coastline early Sunday morning, forcing many students coming to Washington University to change their travel plans. Airport closings in cities such as Boston, Providence, New York and Philadelphia resulted in more than 11,000 cancelled flights, according to the Associated Press.

| Staff Reporter

Spring break the WU way: Your guide for what to do and when to plan (it’s never too soon!)

Having just come back from our own senior spring breaks, we’ve heard a lot of talk around campus about everyone else’s. Whether yours was incredible or awful, it’s fresh in your mind and fresh in ours. We’ve compiled a list (by grade level) of what makes for a good spring vacation.

| Nightlife Columnists

American Airlines: massive flight cuts from St. Louis

The 2009 flight cuts from Lambert-St. Louis International Airport have made it difficult for many students to return home, especially on short notice due to an emergency or family function.

| Enterprise Staff

Holiday travel: Cheap international vacations

Have you ever considered exploring the sights of a new country? Did you dream of studying abroad but couldn’t fit it in your schedule? With the economic recession particularly hurting the airline business, international flights are now cheaper than ever.

| Scene Regular Features Editor it’s not our forefathers’ travel site

I never thought I’d be able to make money as a writer. But then I started working for Don’t worry, this isn’t the story of how I found my dream job and started climbing joyously up the ladder of success. The job doesn’t pay enough for that. No, this story is about a Web […]

| Scene Reporter

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