‘Cats’ (2019): The gift that should not have been given

This film will go down in history as the multi-million dollar cinematic phenomenon that no one wanted to see, but probably saw anyway.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Decreasing disposables: the road to zero waste at WU

As new composting initiatives pop up on the Danforth Campus, it’s clear that Washington University is starting to join this eco-friendly movement. But the processes that the different forms of waste undergo once they leave the hands of students remain a mystery to many.

Jaden Satenstein | Senior Scene Editor

University installs garbage compactors in sustainability effort

Garbage compactors have been placed in two locations, Stanley’s Cafe and Whispers, as part of a pilot program. The compactors, which were designed by a Washington University alumnus, are meant to decrease the volume of the University’s trash.

| Senior News Editor

Editorial Cartoon | Sept. 16, 2009

Katie Oberg

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