It’s time for Wash. U. students to get comfortable with alternative transportation

With our free U-Passes, it is easy to say that Washington University students should take full advantage of St. Louis’ public transit system. Of course, for people who are navigationally challenged like me, this is easier said than done.

Diva Harsoor | Contributing Writer

Staff ed: Put the car back in CarShare

CarShare is riddled with flaws—spanning from an insufficient number of cars to a lack of maintenance.

Lofts parking problems indicative of campus-wide problem

Residential Life has spent the past few months pushing rising upperclassmen to live in the newly constructed Lofts of Washington University. With Round 2 housing decisions released last week, a number of students have been assigned to the newest University apartments—whether their first choice or not—for housing next year.

Editorial Cartoon: Scooter

Brandon Pogrob | Student Life

University boosts hours of off-campus shuttle

Campus2Home shuttle service now begins earlier and ends later to accommodate students whose activities put them on campus after dark. Starting Monday, the shuttle began nightly service at 6 p.m. and made its last trip at 4 a.m. Prior to the change, the hours were 7 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

| Staff Reporter

Rape prompts University to expand shuttle service

Following the rape and robbery of a female undergraduate leaving campus, the University has expanded its door-to-door shuttle service for students living in off-campus housing.

Although the decision to expand Campus2Home was made at the same time that the University chose to send out a campus-wide alert, that e-mail did not include a reference to the expanded service.

| Contributing Reporter

You need the U-Pass!

Take away my U-Pass and you take my mobility, livelihood and access to the St. Louis community. Through the U-Pass program the University pays a discounted rate to Metro for transit passes and distributes them to students, faculty and staff at no additional cost.

Louis Liss | Op-ed Submission

Metro plans service cuts, reduces staff

St. Louis Metro President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Baer announced a proposed plan to cut $36.7 million from the Metro operating budget, on Jan. 9. The St. Louis Metro Operations and Strategic Planning Committee will consider the proposal. If no cuts are made, Metro will lose $50 million in the 2010 fiscal year. As […]

| Staff Reporter

Public transportation: An inquiry into getting around at WU

Now that I live in Shepley, my hypothesis—that Shepley is the farthest from everything and anything—has been proven correct. Due to this distance problem, I have been forced to reconsider many different methods of transportation.

| Forum Editor

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